Turnkey Construction Services Gives The Owner an Efficient and Simplified Construction Process.

Turnkey construction is a construction service option that allows the owner of a future project to simplify the construction process considerably. In this type of project, the contractor is in charge of both the building’s design and construction. Therefore, the owner merely needs to wait for the contractor to complete the project. Then, they will be able to “turn the key” and begin using the newly constructed building or facility as soon as it is completed.

Turnkey construction is defined as signing a contract with a contractor who agrees to handle the complete project from start to end, regardless of whether the project is for building construction or office design. Under a turnkey contract, the contractor is in charge of the overall project management, from design to completion.

Arentz General Contracting provides turnkey construction services. We assume the duties of both supplier and subcontractor.

There are various reasons why project managers and clients appreciate working with Arentz General Contracting. A primary reason is that Arentz General Contracting is an all-inclusive supplier. This means that no matter what materials are required, from windows and doors to roofing and decking, they can all be obtained from a single source, simplifying the process for project managers and clients. In addition, because there is a reduced number of suppliers and subcontractors, project managers will be better able to optimize the process and minimize unnecessary delays and complications.

Having one point of contact makes communication between the builder and the supplier much more accessible, so project managers turn to Arentz General Contracting for turnkey projects. When you call, you will receive a timely response, and you will not have to sift through a long list of subcontractors to locate the information you need.

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Turnkey Construction Services: What You Need To Know

The Three Key Components Of Turnkey Construction Services

1. Preparation Of Design

Architects and designers are no longer required to be hired separately by the future home or facility owner because of a contract with the contractor to prepare the design of the home or facility.

2. Procurement Of Supply

Contractors conduct supply procurement in place of their clients, who locate and purchase materials through a network of suppliers they acquire. Depending on the turnkey contract, the future owner can specify suppliers and materials.

3. Construction Process

The contractor is in charge of every part of the construction process, from beginning to end. This eliminates the need for the owner to spend time searching for and hiring subcontractors and the need for them to participate in the actual construction process. Once the project is completed, the keys are given over to the new owner, who is then allowed to begin using the building or facility immediately.

Why Getting Turnkey Construction Services Make Sense

Clear Coordination

Construction projects, particularly those in the commercial sector, can be intrinsically challenging due to the wide range of factors that must be considered. Attempting to obtain a design for a planned building, followed by hiring a contractor and completing all of the other tasks involved, may be a time-consuming process that takes away time that could be better spent on a company’s day-to-day activities.

The turnkey concept is specifically designed to place all of the components required in the hands of competent individuals familiar with the process and who know how to check the appropriate boxes. This prevents the occurrence of glitches, which tend to bring projects to a grinding halt.

A Consistent Stream of Communication

Given the numerous moving aspects that are characteristic of building projects, understanding the current status can be challenging. Getting in touch with essential individuals, for example, can become complicated and increase the stress levels of a company. However, because of the simple availability of select individuals in the turnkey framework, worries are alleviated in the turnkey framework.

Communication is essential when it comes to the design process because it allows a company to express their thoughts about what they are looking for. In addition, this enables the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the turnkey construction will be based on the company’s vision rather than the builder’s vision.

Smooth Scalability

Change may be found in all aspects of life, including commercial construction projects, constantly evolving. A change in circumstances has the ability to put a crimp in previously established timelines or to cause a reduction in the emphasis placed on providing a high-quality effort in order to keep a process running smoothly.

The application of technology to adapt to those changes contributes to an increase in the degree of productivity for a specific project or initiative. Again, this directly relates to both the coordination and the communication processes, respectively. One of the ways that turnkey construction is advantageous is that it allows for simple access to the diversity of subcontractors involved, which helps to keep everyone in the loop throughout the process.

Maintaining a High Level of Quality Control

Transferring responsibility for a commercial construction project to a company necessitates a certain amount of faith in their capacity to complete the project correctly. Following through on the high standards of craft and materials expected of these businesses goes hand in hand with other considerations such as the need for legal permits and the importance of maintaining a safe working environment.

Because of the time constraints involved, a subcontractor can overlook such critical regions. In addition, turnkey construction allows for effective monitoring, which relieves the firm of the need to monitor this area constantly.


The most compelling reason for the commercial construction industry to choose a turnkey solution is, without question, the fact that it can help to increase the bottom line. Because, after all, streamlining the process helps eliminate the excess fat that will always eat away at the profits of what started as a profitable company.

The turnkey approach, which is similar to the importance of coordination, permits duties to be channeled via a single organization. In essence, it’s the building equivalent of buying in bulk because a single investment covers all of the project’s costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Procedure For A Turnkey Contract?

It’s simple: you sign one contract, and a service provider takes care of the rest.  With a turnkey agreement, you can make your life easier. The service provider’s responsibility is to assign you a project manager who will be responsible for contacting you regularly to grasp your requirements and expectations thoroughly. In addition, the project’s progress will be tracked and communicated to you on a regular basis, and he will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

  • When It Comes To Turnkey VS. Design And Build, What Is The Difference?

Turnkey projects provide project owners with the same level of control as a design-build solution, with a few minor differences to consider. The contractor is also responsible for providing project management services in a turnkey project. They will be in charge of setting timetables and allocating budgets.

  • What Are The Drawbacks Of Turnkey Construction Services?

The first drawback of a turnkey project is that, in the event that the project exceeds its budget, the Construction Company is responsible for covering the excess costs incurred. It does, however, relieve the buyer’s burden, and it pushes construction businesses to follow through on their plans and schedules as far as they possibly can.

The Best Choice For Turnkey Construction Services

Arentz General Contracting has a long-standing reputation as a high-quality commercial construction company. Extensive experience with turnkey commercial construction projects is a specialty of theirs. Once you determine that a turnkey solution is what your company requires, contact us online, and we’ll get started on your project right away.

Arentz General Contracting Builds Metal Buildings Too

We also offer Metal Building Services. Metal buildings are structures constructed of metal, most typically steel, that are used in the construction industry to hold up roofs and walls. They can be used for a variety of functions, including storage, office space, manufacturing, and a variety of other tasks as required. Metal structures have many advantages over other types of construction, including the fact that they are more robust, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient than other types of construction. Furthermore, metal structures can be tailored to meet individual requirements and specifications, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

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