Site Planning and Development is the Key To Starting Your Building Project

Site plan and development are two tools used to figure out what kind of development a construction project should look like, based on an analysis of the development site’s limitations. In site planning, opportunities and constraints and the response to a program or design brief are examined and documented. This document should go with a development application.

The first step to a good site plan and development is to do a thorough analysis of the construction site and its immediate and regional surroundings. The “whole of site” approach includes decisions about how buildings are oriented and placed on a site and where other structures and infrastructure like access and circulation arrangements are located.

The size and nature of the project, and the constraints on the site, will make this process more or less complicated. For example, minor development may only need a site plan and a simple statement to go with it, but if the development is extensive or the site is very constrained, more detailed plans and technical reports may be required with the development application.

At Arentz General Contracting, we take the stress out of construction by going even deeper with the site plan and development. This has earned our company a reputation for getting the job done on time. In addition, having a comprehensive site plan and development strategy reduces or eliminates the need for changes or delays in the construction process.

When we start the process, we start by hearing what is important to you, the client. Then, armed with that information, we put together a team of qualified and chosen people for your unique project. This group of experts will look at your project goals and develop the best way to reach them. You can trust us to use proprietary data and cutting-edge technology that lets us look at your venture from every angle. This is how we can make sure your project will be a success.

Arentz General Contracting takes care of everything for you, from budgeting to value-added opportunities, logistics to phasing schedules, safety to communication rollouts, so you don’t have to think about it.

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Site Plan And Development: Elements To Consider

We must first analyze the team’s organization to properly appreciate what distinguishes site planning and development from other construction delivery techniques.

In comparison to alternative ways of project delivery, the project owner has a single point of contact – the general contracting firm that provides site plan and development services. This firm is responsible for representing the owner’s interests and collaborating with all other parties engaged in the project’s construction, from the design team to the subcontractors. Typically, the site planner-developer will be responsible for arranging, employing, and maintaining contracts with these other organizations and resolving any issues that emerge.

This is not to say that the owner relinquishes control of the project team, and the site planner-developer makes all decisions independently. The owner retains complete control over the project. However, the firm is there to counsel and act on their behalf, shouldering a significant portion of the project’s load and risk that would typically fall to the owner under alternative project delivery methods. They are there to assist you and facilitate the process, not prescribe what you can and cannot do.

Site Plan and Development Process

This is how the site plan and development process works:

First, you pick a team. Then you plan the project, design it, then bid on it. These steps will likely happen one after the other, but not always on their own. The planning, design, and bidding stages of a project may overlap. This means that construction may start while some parts of the project are still being planned out. It all comes down to your project and your goals.

Typically, each stage of the process will comprise the following:

1. Selection Of The Team

The general contractor will select the suppliers to make up their site plan and development team. This usually includes the architect and engineers. Depending on the owner’s wish, the general contractor may hire a single firm that will select the remaining members of the site plan and development team.

In either case, these teams will contractually join forces to form your site and development team. Their objective will be the success of the entire project rather than their particular area of competence. This encourages them to collaborate from the start, focusing on the project’s overall success.

2. Management of The Project

After assembling the team, they will begin planning the project. First, the team aligns your project’s vision and objectives with your budget and creates preliminary drawings, cost assessments, and timelines. Next, they’ll analyze the project’s site and any existing structures or utilities on the property, looking for potential obstacles and preparing and planning accordingly.

3. Phases Of Design

The design begins once the preliminary drawings are integrated into the overall project plan. The general contractor completes the project’s final designs.

Your project will benefit from the architect’s, builder’s, and any specialty subcontractors’ contributions during this stage. This results in more precise drawings, lowering the chance of future constructability concerns and changing orders.

4. Establishing A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

In most cases, the contracting firm will develop a more precise cost estimate for the job. This includes several subcontractor bids for each trade package and a GMP at Arentz General Contracting.

A significant concern with the site plan and development method is that the project would cost more than anticipated due to the lack of competitive bidding. That, however, is not always the case. Having a contracting firm for site plan and development helps ensure feasible bids from a sufficient number of reputable, quality subcontractors, so you can have a better potential for fair pricing.

Arentz General Contracting projects include a GMP and will put trade packages out to bid. We believe this is the best method to ensure that the owner receives the fairest price for their project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is The Site Plan and Development Process Right For My Construction Project?

The site plan and development process can suit projects of any size or budget. Early collaboration is set up in the project’s planning and design stages, which means there are fewer problems later on in the process. That often means lower project costs and faster project schedules. In addition, the more effortless communication flow and less burden and risk for the owner makes the process faster and easier.

  • Why Is Site Plan And Development Important In Architectural Design?

Site plan and development is the unseen foundation of architectural design. We understand the importance of creating a properly designed space based on understanding the client’s needs and concerns and the nature of the site and surrounding land uses.

  • Why Is A Site Plan And Development Process More Effective?

A site plan and development process is more effective because everyone brings their skills to the project, making the design, construction process, and finished product better. In addition, the team works together from the start of the project, which helps speed up the project and find more cost-effective solutions.

Dependable Site Plan and Development

When you work with Arentz General Contracting, we take the stress out of the construction process with our reliable site plan and development methods. Your building project is our focus. From planning and designing to get a bid and constructing, we are there. We work with a group of construction suppliers to ensure everything is done the way you want it to be. You won’t have to change or delay your construction process if we help you make a detailed site plan and development strategy for your project.

Arentz General Contracting Can Process Your Zoning And Building Permit Approvals

We also offer assistance for Zoning And Building Permit Approvals. This service assists clients in obtaining, processing and following up with zoning and building authorities in your state or municipality in order to take away the hassle of having to deal with a lot of paperwork and legwork.

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