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General Contracting Benefits from Arentz General Contracting

Single Source of Responsibility

Arentz General Contracting in Savannh Georgia looks at the objectives of the project from both the designers' and builders' points of view simultaneously.


A single source of responsibility serves as motivation to provide both proper project performance and quality to our customers.  The Design-Builder understands the expected performance and quality the customer expects having been involved in the design process from the start.

Building Cost Savings

As both the Designer and Builder, we work as a team which allows us to constantly evaluate alternate materials and methods of construction to design for maximum value.  A lone designer or builder does not have this benefit.  Costs are further reduced by eliminating a separate design firm.  The cost of preparing and evaluating bids is eliminated.

Known Building Costs up Front

When the preliminary building design is completed the costs may be predicted more accurately.  The owner has the assurance that we can keep the project within the established budget further reducing customer risks.

Building Project Time Savings

The time to bring the project to completion is reduced.  The time for putting the project out to bid and waiting for quotes to be returned is eliminated.  Time to redesign the project if all bids are too high is eliminated.

Risk Management

The owner does not have the risk of conflict between the designer and the builder.  There's no question of who's responsible for any aspect of the project  Risks borne by the owner are greatly reduced.



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