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Why choose a General Contractor?

As a Savannah small business owner, I learned the value of a general contractor the hard way!  My renovation project was unorganized, over budget, and delayed for a long time.  The benefits of hiring a project manager are varied, ranging from subjects such as organization, construction expertise, and permitting.  Next time I undertake a construction project, I will definitely be using the service of a general contractor.

Project Management:

A project manager takes the headache out of organizing a construction project.  He/she is able to coordinate and oversee the various contractors, such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.  He/She acts as the manager that makes sure that all the work is completed correctly and to code, which not only relieves the burden of management from the owner, but protects the owner from poor work or fraud.


A general contractor is also a construction expert.  Knowledgeable in all areas of construction, he/she is able to execute the entire Design-Build process with the efficiency of an expert.  He/she will know how to schedule workers for the best time efficiency.  He/She will be able to inspect the work and make sure it was done right before payments are distributed.


The permitting part of the Design-Build process is often the hardest!  A general contractor is familiar with the permitting process and knows the procedure of the city.  This knowledge is valuable in expediting the permitting process and can save the owner thousands of dollars.

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